Urban Tiller is a full-stack AgTech company building a direct-to-consumer platform to deliver #Fresh, #Safe and #SustainablyGrown produce

INSECTIFii is an alternative protein producer valorizing low-quality food waste from cities into high-grade insect protein products for use in the animal feed industry

OUR Portfolio

Our 3D innovation framework provides a template to design new innovation that can transition our urban systems from their current 'linearity' to 'circularity'.


We Innovate for zero-WAste, zero-carbon and zero-pollution asian cities

our venture studio

Startups need unfair advantages to win. We equip our startups with:

(a) Our Circular Innovation Framework

(b) Innovation + Investment Experience

(c) Gamechanging advantage (s)

At RENERGii, we build startups that resonate with our vision of Asian cities as Triple-Zero urban spaces.

We apply principles of Circular Economy (CE) to reimagine our cities as ecologically sustainable spaces that deliver a high quality of life to residents!

MyCityMoney is an analytics, visualization and forecasting tool for municipal finances. MyCityMoney analyzes how money is metabolized in cities

Asia's first venture studio & Innovation firm for circular cities

Our innovation work


We accelerate the transition to a CE by:

- Developing platforms to nurture urban systems innovation

- Building ecosystems for circular innovation to thrive