At RENERGii Asia, we build startups that resonate with our vision of Asian cities as Triple-Zero urban spaces.

We apply principles of Circular Economy (CE) to reimagine our cities as ecologically sustainable spaces that deliver a high quality of life to residents!


​​We Innovate for zero-WAste, zero-carbon and zero-pollution asian cities

Asia's first  Innovation firm for circular cities



Young innovators need Mindset, Tools, Platforms and Ecosystems to emerge as successful entrepreneurs. We work with Unis in Asia-Pacific to discover and nurture student entrepreneurs

We are transforming Food Systems and Commerce in cities through our proprietary innovation platforms, RENERGII Ventures and XIRCULAR. We are nurturing young student innovators around Asia-Pacific through our open innovation platform, Circular Cities Asia.

Circular Cities Asia is our Open Innovation platform, designed to discover student innovators with deep interest in circular economy. We are building the largest community of young circular economy innovators in the world. Read more here.

Xircular.IO is a deep technology product studio building AgriTech and Commerce startups.

Xircular combines RENERGII's 3D Framework with deep expertise in Immersive Experiences, IoT, AI and Distributed Databases to build next gen startups. Read more here.

RENERGII VENTURES is building a high quality portfolio of cutting-edge startups using Agri-Food science and technology to make food systems circular, accessible and affordable in the long run.

Read more about our team and our portfolio here.

our venture studioS

Startups need unfair advantages to win. We equip our startups with:

(a) Our Innovation Playbook

(b) Innovation + Investment Experience

(c) Synergies with Portfolio