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Venture STUDIO: food, feed, Agtech, nutrition

Xircular.IO is a deep technology product studio co-creating new Circular Economy innovation with other entrepreneurs in Asia.

OUR Portfolio

At our Venture Studio, we are currently focusing on Urban Food Systems even as we offer Lean & Circular Innovation & Product Development services to other clients.

Our interest and work extends to Urban Built Environment, Mobility, Waste and Consumer Products.


our venture studio

Startups need unfair advantages to win. We equip our startups with:

(a) Our Innovation Playbook

(b) Innovation + Investment Experience

(c) Synergies with Portfolio

Urban Tiller is a full-stack AgTech company building a direct-to-consumer platform to deliver #Fresh, #Safe and #SustainablyGrown produce

At RENERGii, we build startups that resonate with our vision of Asian cities as Triple-Zero urban spaces.

We apply principles of Circular Economy (CE) to reimagine our cities as ecologically sustainable spaces that deliver a high quality of life to residents!

INSECTIFii is an alternative protein producer valorizing low-quality food waste from cities into high-grade insect protein products for use in the animal feed industry

Mycovation is an alternative food products company transforming mycelium (the root system of mushrooms) into exciting food products.

Feedwerkz is a sustainable nutrients startup delivering custom-blended proteins and other additives to the aquafeed, pharma and human wellness industries.

​​We Innovate for zero-WAste, zero-carbon and zero-pollution asian cities

Our innovation work


We accelerate the transition to a CE by:

- Developing platforms to nurture urban systems innovation

- Building ecosystems for circular innovation to thrive

​Our first venture studio is building next-generation startups specifically focused on making Asian food systems more resilient and sustainable using circular economy principles.

Every next business we develop has a higher likelihood of success as it is based on best practices codified in our circular innovation playbook. ​Our startups need lesser capital, go faster to market and benefit from ecosystem advantages of the portfolio.

As such, our businesses focus on the following key areas, while keeping consumer value firmly at the centre of the design and thinking process:

(1) Circular Food Production: Alternative Nutrients as well as Conventional Nutrients produced efficiently

(2) Circular Logistics: Zero Waste Onward and Reverse Logistics and Supply chains

(3) Circular Consumption: Post-Consumer Food Waste aggregation and linking back to production