At RENERGii, we use systems thinking and circular economy principles to re-imagine Asian cities as circular, regenerative ecosystems that are waste-free, sustainable and liveable for their residents.

Our Advisory work helps our clients close energy, water & material loops and use the power of innovation to design out toxicity and waste.

Through our Innovation platforms, we are committed to discovering high quality entrepreneurs working to make our urban systems - currently based on linear design approaches - circular and ecologically sustainable.

We hone our understanding of the circular economy by building Ventures that profitably re-engineer our urban Food, Water and Waste systems.

We have great partners who enhance our capabilities and understanding of the Circular Economy and its application to the Asian urban context.

Our goal is to emerge as the most Collaborative advisory firm in the Urban sustainability domain, working with progressive public entities, leading industry players, passionate startups and visionary individuals to transform our cities.

We are proud to be based in Singapore.


The Stad LAB

The Stad Lab is RENERGii's upcoming Urban data and analytics platform for key city systems such as energy, water, waste and other key materials.
At Stad, we are building a multi-city urban metabolism platform using Material Flow Analysis methodologies.
Watch this space!

Urban Circular economy ventures & Innovation


INSECTIFii is one of Asia's first commercial-scale, insect farming businesses. INSECTIFii embodies the true spirit of the circular economy by converting urban food and other organic waste streams into high value insect protein, which in turn can replace water and climate intensive plant protein in animal feed.

Currently piloting in India, INSECTIFii aims to scale-up to cover South and South-East Asia in quick time.

More information on INSECTIFii can be found here.

Partners, collaborators and clients

Climatelaunchpad Karnataka, INDIA

ClimateLaunchPad is the world's largest green business competition. At ClimateLaunchPad, we are solving Climate Change, one startup at a time.

RENERGii Asia is part of a larger consortium called the Climate Collective, who run the ClimateLaunchPad competition in multiple states in India. RENERGii manages the Karnataka edition, working with early-stage cleantech startups from Karnataka in their journey.

More details about ClimateLaunchPad can be found here.

Circular Cities Asia

Circular Cities Asia is a knowledge and innovation acceleration platform to discover, nurture and help commercialize technological and business model innovation that makes our urban spaces more circular, regenerative and more liveable.
More details about Circular Cities' innovation framework and focus areas can be found here.


MyCityMoney is an analytics, visualization and scenario planning tool that provides insights into spending allocations by ULBs in South and South-East Asia. MyCityMoney analyzes, compares and builds narratives for municipal spending patterns and trends in the broader region.

RENERGii co-manages the MyCityMoney platform with Mijini Research Foundation, an India-based Section 8 company.

More information on MyCityMoney can be found here.

Climatelaunchpad SINGAPORE

ClimateLaunchPad is the world's largest green business competition. At ClimateLaunchPad, we are solving Climate Change, one startup at a time.

RENERGii Asia manages the Singapore edition of ClimateLaunchpad, working with early-stage cleantech startups from Singapore in their entrepreneurial journey.

More details about ClimateLaunchPad can be found here.

Urban Tiller

Urban Tiller is an important component of RENERGii's vision of sustainable, local, decentralized and distributed food systems.

Urban Tiller is one of India's first Farm-To-Table businesses, supplying FRESH, SAFE and SUSTAINABLY GROWN vegetables to households and businesses in Indian cities.

Urban Tiller grows, aggregates and distributes leafy greens and ready-to-eat salad boxes sourced from our network of peri-urban farms located at the periphery of major cities and other key consumption markets.

More details on Urban Tiller can be found here.