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Circular Urban Futures

RENERGii envisages a Smart, Sustainable and Livable Urban environment where key City systems such as Energy, Water, Waste Management, Mobility and Food are decentralized, distributed, sustainable and clean. 

Our advisory work assists the evolution of Urban spaces into Circular systems that optimize utilization and recycling, minimize wastage and take advantage of advancements in information & digital technologies.

Circular Innovation

Through its platforms and programs, RENERGii fosters and accelerates innovation in the area of Urban Sustainability.

RENERGii's innovation advisory assists businesses and governments in designing and executing innovation programs to usher in fresh thinking, technology and practices to make our cities more sustainable and livable. 

RENERGii's innovation work makes Urban systems more sustainable, cleaner and less resource intensive. RENERGii contributes to the global movement towards making energy, water, waste management, mobility and food production systems in Urban spaces more distributed, decentralized and more technologically savvy.

Transition to Renewables

RENERGii contributes to the ongoing global transition to cleaner electricity and transport systems driven largely by renewable energy sources.

Our expertise is in conducting Market and Regulatory assessments for Businesses, Cost-Benefit Analyses for Policymakers and Evaluation of Investments in Renewable Infrastructure

RENERGii's advisory work helps Corporates, SMEs and Municipal entities apply Circular Economy principles to improve profitability and cost effectiveness of their activities and operations.

Our well-tested 3*3*3 framework helps model energy, water and material flows and identify profitable pathways to circularity.

We classify our advisory work into three broad areas:

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