INNovation team

Pramod Shaandilya

Pramod's entrepreneurial background and film-maker training enables him to build a narrative and argument for Circular Cities on digital media.

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Why we do what we do

Mitali Poovayya

Mitali's training as a Neuroscientist helps her engage with the complexity of urban systems.

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Jaslyn Chan

Jaslyn combines her education in Earth Systems, passion for conservation and a flair for entrepreneurship in her work at RENERGii.

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We PUSH boundaries of human potential, while staying within those of the planet

Shiva Susarla

Shiva is the Founder-Director of RENERGii and leads our venture studio and innovation work.

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Ummi Tasfia

When Tasfia is not leveraging on her training in Environmental and Earth systems at RENERGii, she doubles up as a spoken word poet.

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our circular citY vision

Performance-Driven City

A Circular City is Performance-driven. New business models sell 'services' rather than products. Customers pay for 'access' and not 'ownership'. Digital technologies allow optimal utilization of urban assets and enable efficiency.


Nutrient-Aware City

The Nutrient-aware City tracks flows of technical and biological nutrients through Urban systems. Material Passports record stocks of technical nutrients to enable future recovery and upcycling. Technology platforms provide assurance and trust about nutrient quality


Nature-Inspired City

A perfectly Circular City produces no waste!  The Nature-inspired City uses Biomimicry to engineer truly sustainable products that draw inspiration from natural ecosystems and completely design out waste and toxicity from Urban systems.

Our vision is in alignment with SDGs 9,11, 12 and 13.

Cities are the engines of economic growth in Asia

In many Asian countries, cities contribute to as much as 80% of GDP growth. There are already about 10,000-12,000 urban agglomerations in Asia and they provide social and economic opportunities to residents and are at the cutting edge of progress and growth.

But Cities create ecological challenges

They consume 75% of the world's resources, generate over 50% of global waste and account for 60-80% of global GHG emissions.

Asian cities are struggling with major environmental issues

South, South-East and North-East Asia together generate over 50% of global food waste; 90% of the plastic dumped into oceans annually originates from 5 Asian countries; ASEAN region is expected to generate 2.5 million tons of solid waste a day by 2025; e-waste volumes in ASEAN have increased by 63% in just 5 years; Almost all cities in Asia top the charts in worst air quality

Making Asian Cities Circular is the solution

Asian cities are especially suited for circular economy innovation; Asian cities are densely populated; Have a strong culture of sharing and repair; Have very heterogenous socio-economic groups; Have very strong informal networks in the waste management domain

With our deep understanding of the urban circular economy, our unique innovation framework and our entrepreneurial spirit, RENERGii is well poised to transition Asian urban spaces into liveable Circular Cities!