Ummi Tasfia

Analyst, RENERGii

Deputed to: Urban Tiller

Tasfia supports RENERGii's farm-to-table agribusiness and conducts analysis and research to develop a circular vision for  urban built environment and mobility systems.

She has a BSc from the Asian School of Environment, Nanyang Technological University, with a concentration in Society and Earth Systems.

Prior to RENERGii, she interned at NTU’s Energy Research Institute, working on autonomous vehicles.

She is also an internationally known spoken word artist and published poet..

Mitali Poovayya

Associate, RENERGii

Venture Lead: INSECTIFii

Mitali leads our efforts to build the first commercial-scale insect farming business in India and is passionate about making Indian cities not just zero-waste, but also perfectly circular.

Mitali has a Master's in Neurobiology at the University of Amsterdam, with a minor in Sustainability . Her Bachelor's degree is in Physical Sciences from St. Stephens College, Delhi University.

She has  prior experience in research and in internships with cleantech  consultancies in Netherlands. She has also previously interned with NCBS in Bengaluru, India


Shiva Susarla

Managing Director, RENERGii

Shiva has many years of experience in the renewable energy, clean tech, energy efficiency and urban energy domains in South-Asia and South-East Asia.

Just prior to RENERGii, Shiva worked as an independent consultant, advising clean tech startups and small businesses on renewable energy markets, policies and investments. He has presented in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and UK and has publications in solar markets and energy investments.
Shiva has previously worked with the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore, providing policy inputs on Solar PV and Electric Vehicles industries in Singapore. He has also worked with ReEx Asia, connecting capital to clean energy projects in emerging Asia.

His prior experiences are with an investment advisory in the Philippines, a technology company in India and a management consultancy, also in India. He started his career as an F&B entrepreneur in Bengaluru, India.
Shiva has an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, has finished the coursework for the M.Eng at ISE, National University of Singapore and holds a B.E in Computer Science & Engineering from VTU, India. He holds many certifications in diverse topics like Air Pollution Modelling and Gas Market Simulation.

Jaslyn Chan

Analyst, RENERGii

Deputed to: INSECTIFii

Jaslyn supports RENERGii's insect farming startup and helps build knowledge and insights on a circular future for consumer products in Asian cities.

She has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Earth Systems Science from the Asian School of Environment, Nanyang Technological University, with a concentration in Society and Earth Systems. 

She has been part of several research projects and internships relating to ecology, social complexity and machine learning.

Samuel West Stewart

West is the Founder and Managing Director of AET Renewables, a Philippines-based distributed energy developer and supplier and integrator of clean industrial systems.

West has over 30 years of experience in developing, operating and financing renewable and clean infrastructure.

He was previously a Director and Co-Founder of Asia Biogas and PhilBio, both leading waste to biogas companies in South-East Asia. West has many years of experience and deep knowledge of renewable energy markets, regulatory environments, investments and infrastructure development in the ASEAN region.

Pratap Raju

Pratap is the Founder- Director of PR Climate Studio, a Climate-focused innovation company. He is also the Founder of the Climate Collective, a consortium of South Asian companies working together to mitigate climate change effects and adapt to them.

He has built a number of discovery programs to find best-in-class entrepreneurs working in the climate and cleantech domain.

As the Founder of PR Group, Pratap has many years of experience as a developer of renewable power infrastructure in India.​Pratap has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Harvard University and a Master's degree in Economic Development from Oxford University